In our chosen industries, Novistra offers extensive sector knowledge, a pool of talented professionals, and deep relationships which we leverage for the benefit of our clients. Underpinning our work across industries is our knowledge of the digital economy, and a track record in helping transform businesses through technology, cloud, artificial intelligence, outsourcing and analytics.
Novistra has a long-standing industry focus on Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), technology and IT services. Expansive cross-border transaction expertise, and a truly global approach to transaction advisory, drives our depth in the industry and our understanding of sector trends. Our considerable work in this industry has helped Novistra build valuable expertise in the areas of digital transformations, artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic process automation (RPA). This expertise sets Novistra apart as we advise diverse clients in various sectors looking to apply a range of technology transformations within and across verticals.
Education is a core industry for Novistra in partnership with Gilt Education, an education focused consulting firm based in the UK. Novistra offers clients deep understanding of the education market across European, North American and Indian markets, guiding clients towards strategic exits, acquisitions and funds to achieve growth milestones.
Novistra is a trusted advisor to companies in the ever-evolving hospitality industry. Our clients include global leaders and innovators in hotel management, disruptive high growth companies helping the industry transition to a more digital future, and thoughtful real estate investors.

Novistra understands the challenges and opportunities of the hospitality market and partners with our clients to evaluate their most complex and consequential decisions. We share with our clients a long-term strategic view and help prepare them through all stages of the process.

The past years have seen a seismic shift in the Media and Events industry. Novistra has advised several transactions in this sector, primarily across North American, European and Indian markets. In doing this we have built a strong network of investors, acquirers and industry influencers, which we leverage on behalf of our clients.