Transaction Support

Novistra’s integrated financial service offering includes a wide range of transaction support services such as Audit, Accounting, Tax and Regulatory, Business and Transaction Advisory. Specifically, our suite of services include:

Audit and Accounting

Novistra offers full service accounting and independent audit services to its clients. Our team has expert knowledge of complex accounting processes and regulatory and legislative issues. We work with clients to improve their overall financial reporting processes. Our goal is to help our clients better understand their business. We consider it our job to keep our clients informed all year long of accounting, financial and regulatory developments that may impact their business.

Tax and Regulatory

Novistra believes that judicious tax planning can give your company a competitive advantage in the market. Given the complexity and multiplicity of taxes in India, we offer specialized compliance services for both direct and indirect tax. Our advisory services including transfer pricing planning, tax structuring, international tax advisory, profit and cash repatriation planning, opinion on complex withholding tax issues and tax treaty issues. We also offer tax structuring for family offices in India.

Diligence and Secretarial

Novistra offers due diligence services to investors, private equity firms and private strategic acquirers to help evaluate investment decisions and identify potential risks involved through thorough analysis of financial and company statements. Our team of professionals have extensive experience with clients providing commercial / market diligence, financial accounting due diligence, valuation services and tax due diligence. In addition, we also provide value added secretarial services for global companies by assisting them in setting branch offices or any other form of business presence in India

* Transaction Support services at Novistra are rendered through NovistraCoinmen LLP, an India based joint venture between Novistra LLC and Coinmen Consultants LLP. Specifically, Tax, Audit, Compliance and Regulatory services are only provided to clients based in India.

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