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Novistra Capital acts as your strategic adviser and partner to execute your growth strategies. We act as your internal business development arm, helping you with transactions involving mergers, acquisitions, strategic investment and exit. By engaging with us, you can leverage Novistra’s local as well as global network, working seamlessly with all stakeholders to identify, screen, and target potential investors, capital providers, strategic partners, and acquisition targets. Specifically, our services include:

Buy side advisory:

Whether you want to grow your business through expansion into new geographic regions or through the addition of new product lines or services, Novistra can advise your company on the strategic acquisition of a business. Through the use of our proprietary research tools, industry knowledge, and our international footprint, Novistra can conduct a global acquisition search, or a geographically targeted acquisition search on your behalf.

Sell side advisory:

Novistra can be your trusted partner to help your company maximize shareholder value by conducting a structured exit. We carry out a discrete and effective process with a favorable transaction structure and a view to maximize valuation. Novistra maintains relationships with a wide range of strategic and financial buyers in our chosen sectors. We have in depth knowledge of businesses in these sectors and provide strategic value-add in the growth of the business and the transaction process itself.

Merger and Roll ups:

Novistra has worked with companies that are like-minded and can be excellent candidates for roll ups and mergers. By combining forces and creating a larger entity, Novistra helps current shareholders of these companies maximize value and increase growth prospects. Our team is intimately familiar with structuring such transactions and helping with securing financing for these structures.

Our scope of M&A advisory services includes:

  • Pre-sale preparation
  • Identification of potential investors, buyers, partners and targets
  • Financial modeling and preparation
  • Business plan vetting and finalization
  • Confidential Info Memorandum preparation
  • Investor/ Target meeting management
  • Managing the entire transaction process
  • Due diligence management
  • Deal structuring and negotiations

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